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“Nature of Man”, “Home, Land, and Sea”, “Little Things”; three Warren Maxwell songs sharing a common thread of systemic injustice and collective toil. See them brought to life, reimagined as a new season of stage shows by BATS Theatre.

Promoting the show by the same name, Strain is a media campaign consisting of a poster and motion-graphic video promoting the show to the general public. 

Project created in collaboration with
 Irina Nevshupova


The art style is aggressive, sketchy, and rough, imitating the look and colour schemes of grunge and protest art. White, black, and red colours supply punchy colour scheme, and the worn paper texture, expressive line art, and blood-stained colours communicate aggression and pain. The figures’ silhouettes are sharp and misaligned, communicating frustration and tension, while the antagonist - “The Man”, as we dubbed him - contrast contrasts with blocky and controlled edges, showing power and strength.


For the illustrations, Ira did the sketches and linework, and I worked on the compositing and final visual treatment. I then took these assets and worked them into the poster and animation.

crowd right.png
crowd left.png
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