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Initiating a commission.

Contact me via one of my preferred contact methods. In your initial message please include

  • your preferred email address to be invoiced to,

  • any relevant reference images, character sheets, or theme/mood boards,

  • a bullet point list or quick doodle of what you want; it’s much more digestible than paragraphs and paragraphs of description.

From there we can discuss details of the work, estimated turnaround time, and pricing. Keep in mind that any advertised prices are a rough guideline; depending on the complexity, details, and nature of the piece, the final price will vary. Once all the specifics have been worked out I will send you an invoice.


I will keep you updated with the progress on the commission as I work on it, in order to get feedback and approval to move forward. Keep in mind

  • refunds are not guaranteed and will only be issued at my discretion,

  • I will notify you as soon as reasonably possible about delays or complications with the work,

  • excessive requests for changes or alterations will require an extra fee.

Usage & Rights

If you commission me make sure you understand your rights in regards to the usage of my work. Understand that unless agreed otherwise, I retain full copyright and ownership of the work produced from the commission. You have the right to non-commercial personal use only. To put that in explicit legalese:

I retain copyright over all work produced and all related artefacts (e.g. working files, sketches.) This is an exclusion of the ‘Commissioning Rule’ in section 21(3) of the Copyright Act 1994, New Zealand.

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, you may not use any commissioned work for commercial purposes. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • physical merchandise,

  • digital merchandise,

  • prints,

  • NFTs, AI, and cryptocurrency,

  • resale,

  • game assets.

Last updated 14 March 2023

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