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It’s tough being a designer. Not that it was ever easy, but now the deck seems stacked every way but in your favor. Everything from software to stock has a deadly steep entry price...

Or does it? Make, Do is a transmedia promotional campaign for a conference about design on a budget. To fit it's theme and speak to it's audience of designers, it uses the aesthetics of lo-fi printing and making throughout it's visual presentation.


The series of posters user a papercraft aesthetic to communicate low-cost, and each poster references a primary printing colour (from the CMYK color space) as well as a primary shape from basic shape language.


The campaign's brochure extends the motifs of the posters into a portable format. I decided to use colored paper (the same colors from before, even) and then follow a monochromatic color scheme, only printing with black. Working within these constraints was a huge challenge but the results paid off.

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