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Many young people today suffer from climate anxiety; it’s the issue of our generation. But how many actually do something about it? The responsibility’s been passed over and over, from generation to generation, and now it feels like it’s all up to us. The pressure can make people feel hopeless, like nothing they do will make a difference.

Downpour is a short film and media campaign that reframes the discussion about climate change. Through the language of film we can remind people that they can make a difference, and show them the small but important ways they can have a positive impact. 

Project created in collaboration with
 Irina Nevshupova
& Duncan Van Der Schyff


The campaign featured a poster with a focus on using digital marketing in addition to traditional print media. Not only did this help maximize our reach, but it also ensured the environmental impact was minimised; thus keeping in line with the core message.

poster image

Merchandise available for fans of the film. To ensure the environmental impact of these items was minimised, it was specifically decided to only supply these to people who ordered them (no prizes or free giveaways) in order to make sure only people who genuinely wanted and would use the garments would get them.


A few alternate concepts for posters, as well as the non-animated version of the main poster.


In making the film itself, I myself made a lot of the 2D assets, Ira was primarily involved in the character design, and Duncan completed the bulk of the actual animation and production; chiefly the 3D animation.

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